A professional knife-thrower adopted at birth.

Twins bound by blood, divided by betrayal.

An ancient Christian brotherhood.

The world on the brink of catastrophe.

Disgraced impalement artist Genevieve “Blade” Broussard accepts a lucrative job offer from Spanish billionaire René Martel to perform at his villa on Mallorca. After narrowly escaping a kidnapping attempt upon landing on the island, Blade’s plight worsens when she discovers the job offer is a ruse to lure her unknown biological mother out into the open. After Blade overhears Martel’s scheme to assassinate world leaders at the United Nations in Geneva, she must risk an escape…or die trying.

A bold rescue by an elite team of the Soldati di Cristo, a secret Christian brotherhood, frees Blade from Martel’s control. But freedom comes at a cost, and her troubles are only beginning. Blade learns that Vivienne, her biological mother, is vice commander of the Soldati, and she will stop at nothing to protect her daughter and save the world from her twin brother. 

Finding sanctuary with the Soldati, Blade tells them of the impending attack on the UN. As they prepare countermeasures, their headquarters is destroyed, leaving a remnant of their force to combat the threat. Meanwhile, Blade faces a personal crisis that leads her back to her kidnapper’s doorstep, resurrecting a past she’s long denied. 

From Mallorca to Florence to Geneva, Blade and the Soldati are determined to stop Martel’s far more diabolical design to seize global control and install an authoritarian government. Failure is not an option or the delicate scales of world stability could shatter, leaving life as we know it in ruins.